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Assignment 3


Learning outcomes. After students have finished this course they will have built on prior knowledge to produce more advanced outcomes. They will provide the building industry with people that can read and interpret drawings. They will be able to make decisions based on sound knowledge and having the ability to communicate at another level.  control and […]

My Web Page


Howdy Folks I have jumped past the third assessment activity to have a go at making a web page while I was on leave. It back fired a bit because I spent all my leave building at home, so now I am back at work again slotting in time between classes building a web page. […]

Recently there was report done for the BCITO of the skills in the following key area for carpenters and their trainees in NZ. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, numeracy, critical thinking and technology. Read Report

Project Scope


Easy part of the project scope was to decide on what could do with improving. I had plenty of support for wanting to fix the box of books because everyone I work with hates teaching out of it because of the poor quality of the students learning.  The hardest part the way I was left […]

Self assessment


matt-thompson.pdf  Self assessment sheet

Project Scope


project-scope-dflp.pdf       National Certificate in Carpentry (theory only) I have been beavering away producing the scope for this project. Initially I was looking at changing one Unit Standard that we deliver but in the end it seemed right to change the whole course. Learnt a lot Took a long time.