L3 Construction Related Trade Skills Qual


One of the main drivers for this review was the number (30) of carpentry Pre-trade courses developed by ITP’s and registered with NZQA in response to BCITO decision to stop all off-site training for apprentice carpenters in the 1990’s

 These courses had to meet with industry approval before registration could occur. Since this time industry has developed a very clear understanding of both the content and the outcomes and this has turned into a very clear pathway for many people wanting to enter the building industry as apprentices

The proposed new qual being 60 credits, half of what the current qual will no longer meet industry expectation because the existing programme cannot be condensed into this qual with the same learning outcomes for both the students and the industry

 For this proposed qual to be successful and fill the large shortfall of knowledge when compared to the existing qual the credit levels need to be between 115-120 when taking into account the communications requirement of this qual

 The proposed qual in its present form is only a Foundation course and would serve very little purpose except for those students who have no idea which career they would like to pursue

 My communication with Industry to date is nothing short of shock as they like people who have attended both BCITO and TROQ review meeting were lead to believe that very little content etc would be changing 


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