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The unit standard that I want to  enhance the delivery of is US13035. Unit Standard – 13035 Level 4, Credit 4Demonstrate Knowledge of Working Drawings, Specifications and Quantity Lists  Seven guiding Principles Some More Guiding Principles 1.      Carefully choose what type of technology to use to suit the learner and their context. 2.      Have a back […]

Recently there was report done for the BCITO of the skills in the following key area for carpenters and their trainees in NZ. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, numeracy, critical thinking and technology. Read Report

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Project Scope


Easy part of the project scope was to decide on what could do with improving. I had plenty of support for wanting to fix the box of books because everyone I work with hates teaching out of it because of the poor quality of the students learning.  The hardest part the way I was left […]

Assignment 3


Development ideas (suggested learning hours – 20)Create your own learning weblog (Blog) in which you record your developing ideas about the practicalities of the proposed design of your course. You must address how you are going to provide an appropriate balance of face to face and flexible learning materials and assessment methods. The language and […]