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I have found that facilitating on blackboard and learning on blackboard are very different animals. I have spent three hours reading screeds of information about blackboard on their help web site. As a lot of help pages are it was good but always relevant to the questions I had. So far I have got the discussion […]

This has been a good learning exercise for me in how annoying it can be if you don’t know how soft ware works. I have said several rude words about windows media encoder that I used to do a screen capture. There were some problems with saving the project and recording it. But I got there […]

I have been given a pointless task of starting a blackboard course that no one will ever enroll in. Long story but it looks like the two courses that I was going to teach in or on blackboard will probably never be used by anyone other than myself and interested carpentry lecturers. To get a blackboard […]